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  • Understand space use
  • Easily keep floorplans up to date and accurate
  • Track space and assign employees
  • Drag & drop functionality allows for an easy audit of floorplan personnel and departments
  • Maintain a variety of workspace types
  • Develop stacking plans to optimize space
  • Easily view vacant and shared workstations
  • Understand business unit use


  • Report on Open vs Shared spaces
  • Report on space use by Department 
  • Calculate space locations and (if needed) chargebacks
  • View portfolio breakdown by campus, office and floor
  • Export information to PDF and Excel


  • Meaningful visualizations of utilization data
  • A wide variety of data source options including sensors, beacons, observations, network login, presence detection
  • Desk usage 
  • Meeting room usage

Space Management services offered by Gracedale consulting

Full Space Management Software Installation 

Of the Accordant software, from beginning to end. Installing Accordant, helping with setup, consulting with the design, development of dashboards and reports, while at the same time training users in its ongoing use. Simple!

Full Progen Space Management Bureau Service 

Of the Accordant software, from beginning to end. The data is linked and setup, then made available online to you with all the Dashboards and reports you need. Simple! This can be ‘live’ or updated weekly or monthly. No need to buy the software, pay for a monthly or annual service. Simple!

Sydney, Australia

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